Our certifications

The company Mazurczak GmbH has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998 and received certification as a specialist welding firm complying to DIN EN ISO 3834-3 in 2017.

Certification as a specialist welding firm complying to DIN EN ISO 3834 means that:


Our welding procedures are performed in accordance with the procedure tests complying to AD 2000, Bulletin HP 2/1 and DIN EN ISO 15614-1;
Our welders must hold evidence of their qualifications in repetition testing in accordance with DIN EN 287-1 or EN ISO 9606-1 and 9606-5 for fusion welders and in accordance with EN ISO 14732 for welding personnel;
Welding supervision processes meet the requirements in accordance with AD2000, Bulletin HP3 and DIN EN ISO 14731;
Verified evidence of certified test personnel in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3452-1 ( PT ) and DIN EN ISO 9712 ( VT ) for periodic quality controls of the semi-finished goods and finished products.
All measurement and test equipment is tested at regular intervals for accuracy and reliability. For each calibration, there is a quality control mark stating the time of the calibration;
All semi-finished goods and finished products undergo both a visual inspection in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712 ( VT ) and a periodic dye penetration test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3452-1 ( PT ).

All products are also checked prior to dispatch in relation to installation and connection dimensions. Pressure vessels are never dispatched without pressure and leak-tightness testing. The pressure and leak-tightness tests are performed in accordance with the test pressure and nominal size of the hose and either with nitrogen under water or hydraulically and then with a leak-tightness test with nitrogen under water at reduced test pressure;

Our maintenance and manufacturing facilities are inspected on a regular basis in accordance with the certification. Manufacturing is carried out in line with the production documents. We archive the manufacturing documents to be able to ensure complete traceability of our products.
On request, our customers also receive test certificates for the tests performed or the material used. We are normally able to certify that the material we supply conforms to test certification 3.1 in accordance with DIN EN 10204.

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