Polymer Heat Exchangers SYNOTHERM®

Good solutions are often astonishingly simple:

  • different dimensions
  • highest chemical resistance
  • several planar layers of tube coils made of PFA
  • frame made of PP or PVDF

Our Polymer Heat Exchangers SYNOTHERM®



The frame of the SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchangers consists of durable interconnected components made of PP or PVDF. The resulting structure supports and fastens the tubes.


The tubes are made of PFA, which like PTFE is a polymer in the group of fluoropolymers. They are particularly thermally, mechanically and chemically resistant. This means that SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchangers imply various applications.

Protective Plate

Polymer heat exchangers SYNOTHERM® feature a protective plate enhancing robustness and damage resistance. Openings in the protective plate ensure sufficient flow of the process medium.


Mounts are attached to fix the SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchanger in the tank or container. They can be installed in various positions. Already existing components can also be used for fastening.

Inlet and Outlet

The tubes of the SYNOTHERM® heat exchanger are bundled to form flexible inlet and outlet pipings. The length of the piping can be adapted to the application. The heat exchanger is connected to the peripheral pipework system via metallic flanges.

Pressure Test

All polymer heat exchangers SYNOTHERM® are designed, manufactured and inspected in order to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 / EU. Every device is subject to an overpressure and leakage test.

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