Advantages Coated Plate Heat Exchanger

Reduced space requirements due to pillow plate design

The characteristic pillow structure of the metallic base body (pillow plate design) promotes turbulence of the heat exchange medium resulting in a high heat transfer coefficient. A total thickness of 11 mm reduces the space requirements in terms of volume. Despite reduced volume and area, sufficient power is transmitted, therefore saving space, weight, material and costs.

Compounding improves coating properties

Mixing additives to the base coating polymer is called compounding. Additives improve heat transfer while not altering the excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. The non-stick properties are not affected by the compounding process. This means that the coating material is optimally fitted to the application area of ​​coated plate heat exchangers SYNOTHERM®. The functionality of the heat exchanger, e.g. concerning the interaction between the base body and the coating, was checked and validated in laboratory and field experiments.

Anti-adhesive fluoropolymer coating

With its anti-adhesive properties the coating ensures efficient heat transfer and process conditions when fouling, encrustations and depositions usually reduce thermal efficiency of heat exchangers. The tendency to encrustation in solutions containing fouling materials, like e.g. in zinc phosphating bathes, is significantly reduced. Since cleaning is easily done your service intervals are extended, your maintenance effort is reduced and good working order of your system is ensured.

Optimized combination of heat exchanger and coating

The design of the metallic base plate and its attachments was adapted to the coating requirements so that coated plate heat exchangers fulfill the requirements according to the conditions in which they are to be applied. Different coating processes and materials were investigated for mechanical and chemical stability, layer thickness and thermal conductivity to provide the best suited coating. Design modifications of the metallic base plate ensure a high coating quality.