Advantages Polymer Heat Exchanger

Unique chemical resistance

Polymer heat exchangers SYNOTHERM® are substantial in the complete range of heat exchangers (otherwise consisting of metallic plate heat exchangers and coated plate heat exchangers) because of their extraordinary chemically resistance. The heat exchangers are made of PP or PVDF with PFA tubes. This means that they are suited for most alkaline and acidic process media, even at elevated temperatures.

Robustness ensures extended service life

The frame construction of SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchangers ensures a long-term rigid and stable shape. In addition, the tube wall thickness provides stability as well as good heat transfer characteristics. The materials were selected based on our decades of experience in tempering aggressive media. The polymer heat exchanger is therefore designed for extended service life.

High quality PFA tubes

The tubes of the SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchangers are made of PFA which, like PTFE, is a fluoropolymer. PFA is a polymer with a particularly high quality, which e.g. in terms of temperature and pressure is more stable than PTFE. PFA is extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals. Compared to PTFE, PFA has better non-stick properties, which simplifies cleaning, particularly in the spaces between the tubes. The tubes are transparent so that you can evaluate their functionality at first glance.

Individual power calculation and design

The required thermal output of SYNOTHERM® polymer heat exchangers is calculated based on the intended operating parameters. Subsequently, the appropriate heat exchanger size is selected from a range of different possible sizes. Our 3D CAD drawings enable a precise integration into the container or tank.
After placing your order, you will receive the production drawings for approval, which are available in various CAD formats. Based on this information, you can design and construct your system or container optimally.