Advantages of the Synotherm® Plate Heat Exchanger

Reduced maintenance effort by simple and fast cleaning

The maintenance costs for SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers are significantly lower compared to tube heat exchangers. The flat and smooth surface can be cleaned easily and quickly with a steam jet or highpressure cleaners, resulting in your process being back in operation quickly.

Long life and guaranteed operating safety

Due to our extensive experience in using high-quality metallic materials in aggressive liquids, we are able to select the best material for your application. This guarantees a long life of the heat exchanger as well as a trouble free and safe operation. The compact, lightweight and pressuretight design ensures a long and safe working life of your line. The strength of SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers significantly reduces the risk of mechanical damage or misshaping compared to coil heat exchangers. This reduces the risk of a line breakdown with the associated costs.

Individual design according to your requirements

The SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers are individually designed and made according to your requirements. The numerous dimensions and the various connection possibilities provide a variety of installation options, resulting in a solution to even the most difficult installation situation. Our 3D-CADdrawings illustrate precisely the position of the exchanger in the tank. After ordering, you will receive the production drawings for approval, which are available in various CAD formats. Based on this information, you can design and construct your line and tank.

Easy assembly and handling of the plate heat exchangers SYNOTHERM®

Another advantage is the simple assembly and easy handling of the SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers. The fixing strips easily attach the plate heat exchangers to the tank. In addition, it is possible to design special fasteners to fix the heat exchangers to converters, goods carriers or trolleys, enabling the plate heat exchangers to be lifted in or out of the tank.

Higher heat transfer characteristics

The characteristic pillow structure of the SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchanger allows for a strong flow of the medium through the exchanger and leads to a high heat transfer coefficient k. Q = k times A times Deltavartheta_l_n This causes a higher overall heat transfer coefficient k. As the following basic formula shows, less heat transfer area A is required to transfer the same power Q. Consequently, the SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers save space, weight, material and costs.

Pillow plate heat exchanger SYNOTHERM® made of titanium and stainless steel

Plate heat exchangers are produced in the following standard working materials:

  • Stainless steel Material.-No.1.4301, AISI 304
  • Stainless steel Material.-No.1.4404, AISI 316L
  • Stainless steel Material.-No.1.4571, AISI 316Ti
  • Titanium Material.-No. 3.7035, ASTM Grade 2

The surface is smooth and can be electroplated for applications with high hygiene requirements.

Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger SYNOTHERM „Made in Germany“

We manufacture the SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchangers at our premises in Schwabach, Germany, and monitor the production process within the scope of DIN EN ISO 9001. The latest welding technologies produce nearly no annealing colors to the surface during the welding process and pickling of the surface is not necessary.

All plate heat exchangers are designed, manufactured and final-tested in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

All plate heat exchangers are designed, manufactured and final-tested in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Accordingly, we perform the overpressure test and the leakage test. The test pressure is determined according to DIN EN 13445-5. We ensure that your SYNOTHERM® plate heat exchanger is properly classified and designed in accordance with the pressure equipment directive. For pressure vessels of category 1 and 2, CE conformity is ensured. Our welding specialists are certified according to EN ISO 9606.